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Tabula 70 (Ytterbium) - Thursday 5th June 2014

Tabula 70 (Ytterbium) was released on Thursday 5th June 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Staff profile pages and staff timetables

We have released individual profiles for staff members, similar to those available for students at the University. These profiles include a teaching timetable (including teaching events from Syllabus+ and small group events in Tabula), a marking gadget for coursework management, and information about small groups that the staff member is a tutor of. Currently, each staff member can see their own profile in Tabula (linked to from the Profiles page) but cannot view other staff members' profiles.

Coursework submissions and feedback in student profiles

As well as providing a view of past and upcoming coursework deadlines, it's now possible to view student submissions, marks and feedback from the coursework gadget in their student profile for users who have permission to see that information. This makes it possible to grant external examiners permissions on an individual profile, allowing them to see the student's submissions, marks and feedback within Tabula.

Masquerading for departmental administrators

Departmental administrators can now masquerade as other staff or students in their department to see what that person sees in Tabula. As part of this, it is not possible to view any information in Tabula that is not already visible to the administrator, and it's not possible to perform any actions that modify Tabula while masquerading as another person.

Visual description of roles/capabilities within Tabula

We've created a page describing roles and capabilities within Tabula in a visual form, making it easier to see which roles can perform which actions. In permissions pages for your department, you can click the 'About roles' link in the top right to see a version of this page which has been customised for your own department, including any changes from the standard Tabula set-up and any custom roles that have been created.

General improvements and fixes

  • Responding to feedback in the May Tabula User Group, we have renamed 'Attendance Monitoring' to 'Monitoring Points'
  • A bug that meant some students did not appear in profile searches has been fixed
  • We no longer send late submission reminders for open-ended assignments
  • We no longer send late submission reminders for assignments that do not collect submissions
  • Activity streams now show submission reminders based on the date of the notification, not the current date, so students will no longer erroneously see late submission notifications in their feed that aren't true
  • Submission alerts are now correctly sent to department-level module managers
  • A bug that caused some files to be downloaded with a .htm extension instead of a .zip extensio has been fixed
  • A bug that made it difficult to view Feedback information when scrolled down the page has been fixed
  • Meeting records are no longer explicitly "rejected"; they are returned to the creator for amendments
  • It's possible to "undo" marking where a submission has mistakenly been marked as "Marking completed"

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-2265] - Delete a scheme
  • [TAB-2268] - Copy points from specified scheme
  • [TAB-2271] - Find similar points to edit
  • [TAB-2272] - Edit similar points
  • [TAB-2273] - Delete similar points
  • [TAB-2281] - Choose department and academic year to view/record
  • [TAB-2283] - Choose academic year to view/record
  • [TAB-2284] - Choose how to view/record students
  • [TAB-2285] - View and record by student
  • [TAB-2286] - View student attendance
  • [TAB-2287] - Record student attendance


  • [TAB-2311] - Students not appearing in search results when searching by name
  • [TAB-2328] - Don't send submission reminders or late notifications for Open ended assignments
  • [TAB-2329] - Activity stream suggests student's assignment is late when they've already submitted
  • [TAB-2333] - Module manager not receiving late submission email alerts
  • [TAB-2334] - IE's 'clear field' and spinner gif in search field
  • [TAB-2344] - Incorrect grouping of monitoring points with a date format of calendar dates
  • [TAB-2347] - ConstraintViolationException when editing monitoring points
  • [TAB-2350] - Downloading submissions in some browsers forces .htm filetype instead of .zip
  • [TAB-2353] - Link to view feedback summary brings up a modal but it's too dark to read
  • [TAB-2354] - BindException on view/record by student link (14/15)
  • [TAB-2355] - Error trying to edit a point on test
  • [TAB-2356] - Don't send notifications for assignments where 'Collect Submissions' is unchecked
  • [TAB-2359] - Freemarker error editing module permissions for FI301 as cusdx (me)
  • [TAB-2362] - Error deleting a scheme on test
  • [TAB-2366] - No way to add online feedback to an assignment with no submissions or existing feedback
  • [TAB-2370] - Editing a common points across multiple schemes creates new points


  • [TAB-166] - Masquerading for departmental admins
  • [TAB-587] - Widget to show upcoming pinch points
  • [TAB-1837] - Show previous feedback to personal tutors


  • [TAB-1636] - Handle Turnitin login errors more gracefully
  • [TAB-1648] - Add rejection type to meeting records
  • [TAB-1935] - Expose links to assignments in student profile (for other users)
  • [TAB-2147] - Years available to create monitoring points needs extending
  • [TAB-2302] - Stop using Cache.setMaxSize
  • [TAB-2321] - Allow admins to undo completed marker feedbacks
  • [TAB-2337] - Rename 'Attendance Monitoring' to 'Monitoring Points'
  • [TAB-2338] - Output a table of roles/capabilities

New Feature

  • [TAB-2032] - Staff profile pages
  • [TAB-2033] - Staff timetables
  • [TAB-2336] - Sandbox: Allow masqueraders to write (and show sample usercodes)
  • [TAB-2346] - API for AM push to SITS