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Tabula 71 (Lutetium) - Monday 23rd June 2014

Tabula 71 (Lutetium) was released on Monday 23rd June 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • The problem that caused Module Managers to occasionally be removed has been fixed and all removed module managers have been restored
  • An error removing tutors has been fixed
  • Turnitin errors should now be handled more gracefully
  • When 'uncompleting' feedback, the 'Next action' caption will now be correct
  • Only meetings for the relevant academic year are displayed in each year's tab on a student profile

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-2269] - Copy points from specified template scheme
  • [TAB-2288] - View and record by point
  • [TAB-2289] - Record by similar point
  • [TAB-2317] - Scheduled scheme membership update


  • [TAB-2368] - Adding students manually clears some filters
  • [TAB-2375] - Next action doesn't reflect uncompleted feedback
  • [TAB-2376] - Freemarker error managing route permissions
  • [TAB-2379] - Role table doesn't pick up overridden less specific custom roles
  • [TAB-2381] - Can't remove personal tutor on test
  • [TAB-2383] - Error cancelling 'add students to scheme'
  • [TAB-2388] - Module managers  - rights removed
  • [TAB-2391] - AssignmentMembershipService.determineMembership should not return AnonymousUsers
  • [TAB-2396] - Module importer erroneously marks modules as missing from import
  • [TAB-2398] - Marker feedback controller does not handle validation errors
  • [TAB-2402] - Error submitting assigment on test
  • [TAB-2412] - Filtering by student/point only uses enrolment department
  • [TAB-2413] - Timetable link on profile not behaving correctly
  • [TAB-2417] - Freemarker error on profiles home page (test)


  • [TAB-1636] - Handle Turnitin login errors more gracefully
  • [TAB-2079] - Make it clearer where you subscribe to your timetable
  • [TAB-2108] - Only show meetings that took place in the relevant academic year
  • [TAB-2360] - UI - new manage points screen
  • [TAB-2361] - UI - edit scheme
  • [TAB-2363] - UI - Add points
  • [TAB-2365] - UI - create a scheme
  • [TAB-2371] - Use Scrollable for incremental indexing
  • [TAB-2394] - Apply custom permissions just to a sub-department
  • [TAB-2405] - Don't assume a user has a Warwick ID


  • [TAB-2387] - Check and fix marking workflows to account for marking being uncompleted
  • [TAB-2423] - Functional test failures