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Tabula 72 (Hafnium) - Monday 14th July 2014

Tabula 72 (Hafnium) was released on Monday 14th July 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Creation of monitoring points for 14/15

We've now enabled creation of monitoring point schemes for the 14/15 academic year. The system has been completely rewritten to take into account comments and feedback from the process last year. If you'd like one-to-one support with setting up your new monitoring points, please contact tabula at warwick dot ac dot uk and we'd be happy to assist.

General improvements and fixes

  • It is no longer possible to edit or delete other people's administrative notes unless you're a departmental administrator
  • A bug that very occasionally caused students who had deregistered from a module (without ever choosing an assessment group) to still be registered on Tabula assignments has been fixed
  • It's now possible to attach files from both markers in final marking when using Seen Second Marking
  • A bug that made it impossible to confirm scheduled meetings if they were linked to monitoring points that have already been recorded in SITS has been fixed
  • A bug that occasionally caused new assignments not to display after being created has been fixed
  • We now use short names for departments where we have them recorded
  • It's now possible to add a title to individual small group events
  • We now show individual student deadlines on the extension management pages (taking into account any granted extensions)
  • The 'View in MRM' link now opens in a new tab by default

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-2251] - Agent home page
  • [TAB-2252] - Choose academic year for relationship
  • [TAB-2253] - View agent's student's attendance by student and point
  • [TAB-2254] - Record agent's student's attendance
  • [TAB-2256] - Record agent's student's attendance by similar point
  • [TAB-2257] - View agent's student's individual attendance
  • [TAB-2274] - View attendance note
  • [TAB-2275] - Add/edit attendance note
  • [TAB-2276] - View attendance note attachment
  • [TAB-2277] - View student profile
  • [TAB-2278] - Choose profile academic year
  • [TAB-2279] - View student attendance profile
  • [TAB-2290] - Report missed points to SITS
  • [TAB-2293] - View attendance by agent
  • [TAB-2294] - View agent's student's attendance
  • [TAB-2357] - Fix/update functional tests


  • [TAB-2348] - Allow creation/editing of new scheme templates and template points


  • [TAB-2122] - Recording edits to Administrative Notes
  • [TAB-2403] - Speed up student allocation
  • [TAB-2411] - Status labels on student profile sometimes appear without content
  • [TAB-2416] - 'NONE' Assessment groups are never emptied
  • [TAB-2418] - NPE in StudentCourseworkGadget (test)
  • [TAB-2419] - Make dropdown button inactive if all options are inactive
  • [TAB-2420] - Don't take user back to page they don't have permissions to view
  • [TAB-2421] - Don't show 'active' manage button when there's nothing to manage
  • [TAB-2424] - Can't attach files from both markers to final feedback
  • [TAB-2426] - 404 attempting to grant or update an extension request
  • [TAB-2427] - Extension form action and extension detail viewing should have the same URL mapping
  • [TAB-2428] - Error copying points
  • [TAB-2429] - Error message trying to save template after editing
  • [TAB-2430] - NPE converting scheduled meeting
  • [TAB-2432] - Freemarker template error editing point tied to specific module
  • [TAB-2434] - Error managing monitoring points in sub-departments
  • [TAB-2435] - Students in scheme listed as being on 0 schemes
  • [TAB-2436] - Course types with brackets aren't retained after manually adding students
  • [TAB-2437] - Error copying points from another scheme
  • [TAB-2439] - Can't download files in FF via link
  • [TAB-2445] - Tabula-test: exception handling scheduled notification
  • [TAB-2457] - New assignment not displaying
  • [TAB-2462] - Can't delete a particular scheme
  • [TAB-2465] - Exception trying to view course details for very old courses
  • [TAB-2466] - Exception approving supervisor meeting
  • [TAB-2470] - JspTilesRequestContext errors since removing tiles-jsp dependencies
  • [TAB-2471] - NPE in SecurityService when loading tutor allocate screen
  • [TAB-2472] - Tutees sometimes fail to be removed via spreadsheet
  • [TAB-2483] - Add/edit attendance note broken when there are no existing checkpoints


  • [TAB-1765] - Store and use short names for departments


  • [TAB-1950] - Don't include groupset type and module twice in open groups message
  • [TAB-2270] - First marker and second marker feedback comments need separating
  • [TAB-2382] - UI - specify module/assignment for point
  • [TAB-2392] - Show sub-department routes in the sysadmin screen
  • [TAB-2395] - Add a title to SGT events
  • [TAB-2408] - Make updating checkpoint totals asynchronous
  • [TAB-2443] - UI tweaks for managing monitoring points
  • [TAB-2444] - Tabula - Manage extensions report - request to have confirmed date/notes field added back in
  • [TAB-2447] - Tabula admins can't arrange modules
  • [TAB-2477] - Open 'View in MRM' link in a new window


  • [TAB-1827] - Make profile consistently not display labels if field permissions lacking
  • [TAB-2425] - Ensure 'mandatory' on all path variables
  • [TAB-2459] - Intermittent AssignmentDaoTest.getRecentAssignment test failures
  • [TAB-2476] - Functional test failures relating to signing in