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Tabula 73 (Tantalum) - Wednesday 16th July 2014

Tabula 73 (Tantalum) was released on Wednesday 16th July 2014. The release included further monitoring point work for 2014/15 and fixes for:

  1. Inappropriate ability to request an extension on an open-ended assignment
  2. Issue removing personal tutors from student profile
  3. Notifications triggered by spreadsheet tutor upload
  4. Issue with deletion of a scheduled meeting
  5. Assignment import

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-2259] - Check whether setting SGEO attendance for given students would create a checkpoint
  • [TAB-2291] - Confirm missing points report


  • [TAB-2483] - Add/edit attendance note broken when there are no existing checkpoints
  • [TAB-2484] - Extension for open-ended assignment
  • [TAB-2485] - Can't remove personal tutor via student profile
  • [TAB-2486] - Removing a tutor sends 'allocated' email
  • [TAB-2487] - Problems deleting scheduled meeting
  • [TAB-2493] - SQL exception importing assignments


  • [TAB-2481] - Create checkpoints for small group event attendance
  • [TAB-2482] - Create checkpoints for coursework submission