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Tabula 74 (Tungsten) - Monday 28th July 2014

Tabula 74 (Tungsten) was released on Monday 28th July 2014. The release included:

  1. Further monitoring point work for 2014/15 including improved user interface, the ability to set up monitoring points for visiting students and the ability to include routes external to your department
  2. The addition of the small group type "workshop"
  3. Fixes for bugs related to scheduled meeting record conversion, bulk tutor allocation/notification and display of small group membership on the student profile page
  4. Ability to create cross-module, reusable small group sets (this feature not yet enabled)

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-2258] - Check whether creating a given meeting for given students would create a checkpoint
  • [TAB-2280] - View list of student's meetings and whether they qualify for a given point
  • [TAB-2520] - Split the current edit groups page into a multi-step wizard


  • [TAB-2372] - Admins see 'confirm' option when they can't confirm a meeting
  • [TAB-2497] - Changing tutor emails incorrect "old tutors"
  • [TAB-2503] - Illegal argument exception converting a scheduled meeting record
  • [TAB-2504] - Freemarker error when adding points from template
  • [TAB-2515] - Error adding students to scheme when on routes in other depts
  • [TAB-2518] - Cannot record attendance note
  • [TAB-2519] - Profiles showing small group membership don't render
  • [TAB-2522] - SQLSyntaxErrorException updating AM scheme membership - max exceeded


  • [TAB-1941] - Allow departments to set up monitoring points for visiting students
  • [TAB-2385] - Show date of a point in ticks and crosses view
  • [TAB-2386] - Show attendance from previous registrations in ticks and crosses view
  • [TAB-2404] - Tweak wording of validation error when trying to mark points before start date
  • [TAB-2473] - Improvements to AM scheme students screen
  • [TAB-2474] - Disable delete point button when attendance has already been recorded against it
  • [TAB-2502] - Monitoring points - UI tweak/bug collection
  • [TAB-2507] - UI tweaks to monitoring points setup (cont..)
  • [TAB-2516] - Add 'workshop' as Small Group type

New Feature

  • [TAB-2441] - Add routes to the filter that aren't in the department
  • [TAB-2450] - Cross-module small groups


  • [TAB-2480] - Create checkpoints for meeting records