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Tabula 76 (Osmium) - Thursday 21 August 2014

Tabula 76 (Osmium) was released on Thursday 14th August 2014. Following this release:

  1. An API for importing timetable data from other systems is available
  2. The module code for small group teaching events is now included in iCal feeds
  3. A warning is given if an attempt is made to create overlapping monitoring points
  4. Tutors can add students to a small group register for individual events

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2536] - After uploading feedback, marker is taken to a screen they can't access
  • [TAB-2551] - Moderation workflow - summary view refers to second marker, not moderator
  • [TAB-2555] - Exception allocating students to groups when there are no default tutors
  • [TAB-2566] - Explicitly granted permissions not working as expected in some circumstances
  • [TAB-2569] - Unable to confirm meeting took place when masquerading as student
  • [TAB-2573] - JS error on some feedback pages
  • [TAB-2575] - Exception viewing timetable (?) sql expressions exceeds 1000
  • [TAB-2577] - Timetable caching not working with Memcached
  • [TAB-2580] - Students enrolled by SITS count is reset to 0 pre-save


  • [TAB-1143] - Request all tutors with zero students assigned appear on the template under AgentLookup
  • [TAB-1770] - Warn admins when they try to create an overlapping point
  • [TAB-2400] - Ordering for items in 'Manage coursework' dropdown
  • [TAB-2469] - Make all 'record' buttons inactive for users who don't have permissions
  • [TAB-2532] - Provide timetable integration API for Chemistry CELCAT
  • [TAB-2556] - Forward /attendance to more specific dept page
  • [TAB-2568] - Show module code for SGT events in iCal feed

New Feature

  • [TAB-1831] - Let tutors add students to a group's register on the fly