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Tabula 78 (Platinum) - Wednesday 10 September 2014

Tabula 78 (Platinum) was released on Wednesday 10th September 2014. Following this release, reminders will be given when feedback is due, in advance of scheduled meetings and when attendance needs to be recorded. The release also includes UI improvements and bug fixes.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2150] - Implement feedback due Reminder
  • [TAB-2152] - Implement reminders for scheduled meetings
  • [TAB-2154] - Implement monitoring point reminder


  • [TAB-2489] - Notifications treat an admin who has scheduled a meeting as the agent
  • [TAB-2627] - When allocating personal tutors content of 'upload spreadsheet' tab doesn't appear on first click
  • [TAB-2636] - Breadcrumb arrows no longer work once you are on 'allocation'
  • [TAB-2638] - Tutor allocation notification previous tutor should be based on SCJ code
  • [TAB-2642] - SGT "Delete" Tooltip displays incorrectly in IE9
  • [TAB-2644] - Error viewing particular course on student profile page for 0517429
  • [TAB-2646] - ClassCastException when trying to schedule a meeting