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Tabula 80 (Mercury) - Friday 19 September 2014

Tabula 80 (Mercury) was released on Friday 19th September 2014. This included bug fixes and:

  • Functionality to import seminars and other events from the central Syllabus Plus timetable
  • Inclusion of an ical attachment with scheduled meeting invitations
  • Better support for multiple user codes
  • UI improvements
  • More flexibility in module search results

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2639] - Tutor allocation notification - fix if multiple existing tutors replaced
  • [TAB-2641] - If in Student Profiles you assign a 2nd tutor, the student gets a "changed from" email
  • [TAB-2657] - DataIntegrityViolation regenerating timetable hash
  • [TAB-2669] - Celcat timetable differs from profile timetable, and iCal timetable empty
  • [TAB-2672] - office 365 ignores timezone in ical import
  • [TAB-2674] - Small group event tutors not displaying in timetable
  • [TAB-2675] - Problems subscribing to Tabula timetable on OS X Calendar
  • [TAB-2676] - Make it easier to create assignments from SITS using sub-departments
  • [TAB-2679] - Tutor allocation notification refers to Some(<student>)
  • [TAB-2682] - SGT. Error message on adding a student to an individual register
  • [TAB-2683] - Tabula Broken timetable links to interactive maps on profiles.
  • [TAB-2686] - Copying schemes is unusable - possible Phat bug
  • [TAB-2692] - Details polyfill not working in Firefox
  • [TAB-2693] - NPE calling /home/api/assignmentpicker/query - when query is null


  • [TAB-2560] - Edit instructions on how to upload marks using spreadsheet


  • [TAB-1749] - Check alternative usercodes when getting enrolled assignments list
  • [TAB-1927] - Include ical attachment with scheduled meeting invites
  • [TAB-2240] - Make it clearer to a student when assignment submission fails
  • [TAB-2454] - Module number to be displayed on the marker list screen
  • [TAB-2508] - Allow more flexibility in module search results
  • [TAB-2558] - Include sibling departments when copying points
  • [TAB-2645] - Default close date to after open date in create from SITS
  • [TAB-2659] - Change wording on 'Print' button
  • [TAB-2665] - ScheduledNotifications with entities that are different than the commands return type.
  • [TAB-2666] - Show Chemistry celcat timetables to users not in Chemistry if it is available

New Feature

  • [TAB-1721] - Allow creation of Small Groups from Syllabus Plus