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Tabula 82 (Lead) - Friday 26 September 2014

Tabula 82 (Lead) was released on Friday 26 September 2014. This included a number of improvements and bug fixes in response to feedback leading up to the start of year, including:

  • Display of small group events in timetables for administrators prior to notification
  • Improved import of student information from SITS prior to assessments being assigned
  • Inclusion of student ID in extension request notifications
  • Notifications no longer sent for deleted assignments

Technical release notes:

Technical task


  • [TAB-2680] - Meeting approval notification links don't specify a course tab
  • [TAB-2686] - Copying schemes is unusable - possible Phat bug
  • [TAB-2707] - Feedback shown as uploaded on wrong date
  • [TAB-2720] - Opening self sign-up group causes parser error
  • [TAB-2722] - Timetable ical validation exception when timetable has no components
  • [TAB-2725] - Shouldn't send scheduled notifications for deleted items
  • [TAB-2732] - ClassCastException scheduling meeting
  • [TAB-2736] - Elke Thonnes gets error trying to view her supervisees
  • [TAB-2739] - Possible overnight importer issue between Tabula & SITs
  • [TAB-2741] - Styling of students column on drag and drop allocation screen


  • [TAB-2561] - Show student ID in extension request notifications
  • [TAB-2637] - Tweaks to SGT progress bar page
  • [TAB-2711] - UI tweak to initial SGT page
  • [TAB-2716] - Change 'Save' button to 'Save and exit'
  • [TAB-2740] - Show SGT events in timetable for admins only when not notified


  • [TAB-2734] - Stop all SGT notifications being sent for Chemistry modules
  • [TAB-2744] - Disable auto-deregistration from small groups