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Tabula 83 (Bismuth) - Tuesday 30 September 2014

Tabula 83 (Bismuth) was released on Tuesday 30th September 2014. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • The addition of a department setting to prevent students from scheduling meetings
  • Links to student profiles within Small Group Teaching
  • Ordering of Small Group Teaching events
  • Removal of the MRM link for students

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2723] - Tutees duplicated in list
  • [TAB-2728] - SGT notifications being sent to irrelevant tutors
  • [TAB-2747] - Error deleting small group event
  • [TAB-2749] - Remove module code and group type from SGT emails
  • [TAB-2753] - Missing message when linking/unlinking a released small group set
  • [TAB-2754] - Extension feedback reminder sent early.
  • [TAB-2757] - Validation error when moving last remaining route from root department
  • [TAB-2760] - ConstraintViolationException dismissing notification?
  • [TAB-2761] - Exception thrown viewing timetables for users who are neither staff nor student
  • [TAB-2765] - Cancelled meeting emails not being sent - iCal does not validate
  • [TAB-2766] - Seminar tutors don't see Attendance button to mark registers
  • [TAB-2768] - "too many students to display" message when trying to view monitoring point
  • [TAB-2772] - DataIntegrityViolationException deleting group
  • [TAB-2773] - NullPointerException accessing timetable ical feed


  • [TAB-2442] - Link to student profile, wherever an avatar/name/number appears in all areas other than student profiles (where it is already)
  • [TAB-2688] - Order SGT events
  • [TAB-2694] - Dept setting to prevent students from scheduling meetings
  • [TAB-2696] - Students shouldn't see the "View in MRM" link in their profile
  • [TAB-2719] - Show warning icon for modules with no groups in the relevant academic year
  • [TAB-2751] - Change 'Save' button to 'Save and exit' on monitoring schemes