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Tabula 84 (Polonium) - Tuesday 7th October 2014

Tabula 84 (Polonium) was released on Tuesday 7th October 2014. This included a large number of bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • We've improved the performance of the small group teaching admin page
  • Small group statuses revert from green ("Complete") to amber ("Students need allocating to groups") if students are added to the group sets from SITS after allocations have been published
  • Where it is possible to filter on routes and modules, it is now possible to filter on routes and modules from other departments
  • Editing and removing existing small groups is now more reliable
  • A problem that meant it wasn't possible to remove students from monitoring points and reusable groups in Firefox has been fixed
  • Reminders for recording small group registers and attendance monitoring points are now sent after 0, 3 and 6 days.

Technical release notes:



  • [TAB-2828] - Post-deploy: Update existing scheduled notifications to 3 and 6 days


  • [TAB-2495] - Only show personal tutors of students in the relevant sub-department
  • [TAB-2667] - SGT - page freeze on selecting module from filter and if you make a page smaller than page size, can't see options under edit
  • [TAB-2678] - Tutor removal when multiple tutors gives inconsistent confirmation message
  • [TAB-2709] - Attempt to delete populated small group fails to display group name
  • [TAB-2717] - If tutor spreadsheet unchanged, valid and invalid rows show as empty
  • [TAB-2731] - SGT - Groups getting mixed up
  • [TAB-2767] - Reusable groups: manually added students table invisible in Firefox
  • [TAB-2769] - Info modal about SITS link in SGT won't dismiss
  • [TAB-2776] - SGT dept admin page slow to load for busy departments
  • [TAB-2778] - Feedback report showing inconsistent outstanding feedback
  • [TAB-2779] - Unable to remove manually added students from monitoring schemes
  • [TAB-2782] - DataIntegrityViolationException amending allocation method of groupset
  • [TAB-2784] - Changed email settings being ignored
  • [TAB-2786] - Links not working in SGT breadcrumb arrows
  • [TAB-2787] - Entering group name and hitting enter 404s
  • [TAB-2789] - Ad-hoc students isn't searching 14/15 groups
  • [TAB-2790] - Missing message smallGroupSet.delete.released
  • [TAB-2792] - Can't make re-usable groups containing only manually added students
  • [TAB-2795] - ConstraintViolationException creating meeting record
  • [TAB-2796] - IllegalArgumentException recording monitoring point
  • [TAB-2798] - Tutees duplicated in list in Monitoring Points
  • [TAB-2799] - Sets should be loaded ajaxically on groups dept homepage
  • [TAB-2803] - Engineering Celcat timetables not working in Tabula
  • [TAB-2807] - Attendance notes are not indicated on point register
  • [TAB-2810] - Importing assignments from SITS doesn't work if assessment components are in a different department
  • [TAB-2815] - Calendar transfer to Google calendar loses some lectures


  • [TAB-2589] - Routes should belong in multiple departments
  • [TAB-2609] - Refactor AllocateStudentsToRelationshipCommand
  • [TAB-2764] - Status of small group sets when student membership is updated from SITS
  • [TAB-2771] - Change monitoring point reminder to 3 days after event
  • [TAB-2781] - Allow filtering on modules that aren't owned by the filtering department
  • [TAB-2783] - Show 'late - unrecorded' icon as soon as event end time has passed
  • [TAB-2788] - Include link to specific register in email notification
  • [TAB-2804] - Make the stages on the progress bars clearer
  • [TAB-2805] - Show small group events where staff are students in staff timetables
  • [TAB-2811] - Add more audit data for allocating students to groups


  • [TAB-2822] - SGT functional test failures