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Tabula 85 (Astatine) - Friday 10th October 2014

Tabula 85 (Astatine) was released on Friday 10th October 2014. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • It's now possible to filter by the number of missed points on the view by students screen in Monitoring Points
  • Monitoring Points can now be automatically checked by submission of an assignment through Tabula
  • In small group teaching, we now provide a way to see where students have deregistered from the module, but are still assigned to groups, and remove them
  • Module auditors can now see a list of registered students and unallocated students in Small Group Teaching as well as the counts
  • We've renamed 'Notify' to 'Publish' in Small Group Teaching to better describe its function
  • Small Group Teaching register reminders will no longer be sent to Module Managers if there are no tutors on an event
  • We've made some tweaks to small group registers to make it easier to take them on mobile phones
  • We've tweaked printed small group registers to include the module code and title
  • We've fixed a problem with importing assignments from SITS in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
  • We've fixed a bug where the number of unrecorded monitoring points for a student included points currently happening but which hadn't ended

Technical release notes:



  • [TAB-2422] - Admin can publish uncompleted feedback
  • [TAB-2823] - Creating/edit small group events don't validate that tutor usercodes are valid
  • [TAB-2832] - Hibernate error in scheduled email processing
  • [TAB-2839] - Setting up assignments - unable to Submit
  • [TAB-2840] - Validation error when moving last remaining module from root department
  • [TAB-2842] - Can't add attendance note or record attendance for 2013 event
  • [TAB-2848] - Unrecorded points counter includes current points


  • [TAB-2553] - Let users filter on number of missed points
  • [TAB-2557] - Have a point checked by submission of any assignment
  • [TAB-2774] - Add ajax spinner to masquerade search
  • [TAB-2806] - <sup> tags showing in monitoring point tooltips
  • [TAB-2812] - Provide a way for admins to see when students have deregistered from groups and remove them in bulk
  • [TAB-2817] - SGT: Module auditor to be able to see all students and number of unallocated students
  • [TAB-2818] - Change 'notify' to 'publish'
  • [TAB-2825] - Remove breadcrumbs from edit groups screens
  • [TAB-2830] - Don't send SGT register reminders to module managers, just to tutors (and to nobody if there are no tutors)
  • [TAB-2833] - Send one notification for points that look 'the same'
  • [TAB-2837] - Show module code and title on attendance screens