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Tabula 88 (Radium) - Monday 27th October 2014

Tabula 88 (Radium) was released on Monday 27th October 2014. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • A bug that caused small groups to be released for all academic years has been fixed.
  • Filtering tutees has been improved to show the correct course that matched the filter.
  • A bug that caused modals to be closed whenever the mouse was clicked has been fixed.
  • A bug where attendance monitoring notifications were sent with the same data in the has been fixed.
  • A department can now specify the groups of students for which a particular relationship is displayed.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2777] - Releasing groups to tutors en masse also releases previous year's groups
  • [TAB-2802] - Students' previous courses being included when filtering tutees by year of study
  • [TAB-2891] - Online feedback command persists blank feedback
  • [TAB-2920] - Closing modal from another modal ends with grey screen
  • [TAB-2923] - Duplicate notifications for attendance needs recording
  • [TAB-2928] - Exception displaying accredited prior learning for student 0657136
  • [TAB-2930] - "Change" link always returns you to homepage


  • [TAB-690] - Show information about new functionality on the homepage
  • [TAB-2746] - Improve display of SGT gadget in staff profile
  • [TAB-2785] - Update button labels in edit monitoring scheme screens
  • [TAB-2794] - Department setting for student groups and agent types
  • [TAB-2800] - Use consistent terminology for rejected/returned records
  • [TAB-2814] - Don't show 'All students in x' link to PGRs
  • [TAB-2843] - Change text when setting marking uncompleted
  • [TAB-2847] - Minor tweaks to smallscreen register
  • [TAB-2927] - Show a message if no students found