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Tabula 91 (Proctactinium) - Monday 17th November 2014

Tabula 91 (Proctactinium) was released on Monday 17th November 2014. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Module registrations are now imported for all courses
  • A bug that caused 'Some()' to appear in assignment marks CSV has been fixed
  • The time zone of the timetable gadget is now always 'Europe/London', rather than the user's current time zone
  • Attendance views in small group teaching no longer expect students who have left the group to have attendance recorded
  • The meeting records gadget now shows tutors/supervisors in previous academic years, and also provides a timeline of the changes to the relationships for a particular course

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2611] - Module registrations are only imported for most significant course
  • [TAB-2983] - Feedback report - Calculate 20 days from extension date not submission.
  • [TAB-2986] - When creating a meeting record, meetings from previous years are included in gadget on refresh
  • [TAB-2987] - Previous tutors unable to confirm scheduled meeting records
  • [TAB-2988] - Wrong message when trying to assign markers for "Students choose marker" workflow
  • [TAB-2990] - Student's timetable shows duplicate seminars
  • [TAB-2993] - Error attempting to edit meeting
  • [TAB-2995] - Overlapping display viewing assignment list
  • [TAB-2996] - Newly created assignment fails to appear
  • [TAB-3002] - Attendance view when students have left group
  • [TAB-3003] - Previous course's small group attendance not shown on student's profile
  • [TAB-3008] - Timetable event incorrect when time zone settings changed
  • [TAB-3009] - User Access Manager popover text uses Dept Admin text
  • [TAB-3011] - Marks column in csv download includes (Some())
  • [TAB-3012] - List of points doesn't appear when returning to page with filters still selected
  • [TAB-3013] - Custom role definitions on any relationship get overriden to be more specific


  • [TAB-2526] - Hide monitoring points links for route managers
  • [TAB-2610] - Get student assessment info from SITS, not ADS, for complete picture
  • [TAB-2970] - Change FAQ link in footer
  • [TAB-3001] - Improvements to relationship profile gadget
  • [TAB-3007] - Remove dept admin permissions for non-current courses