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Tabula 97 (Berkelium) - Tuesday 2nd February 2015

Tabula 97 (Berkelium) was released on Tuesday 2nd February 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Notifications where an action is required (for example, approving a meeting) are now dismissed automatically when that action is completed.
  • A bug that prevented tutors and supervisors from viewing their student's feedback has been fixed.
  • Mark adjustments are now shown on the summary and list views for the assignment.

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-3033] - Show mark upload status on assignment submission/feedback screen
  • [TAB-3198] - Clear Profiles notifications
  • [TAB-3199] - Clear Coursework notifications
  • [TAB-3200] - Clear Small group notifications


  • [TAB-3178] - Tutor unable to view tutees' feedback
  • [TAB-3181] - Template exception sending email/viewing activity stream for feedback with no adjusted grade
  • [TAB-3182] - NPE confirming deleted scheduled meeting
  • [TAB-3183] - Exception viewing submissions for assignment (bad workflow state?)
  • [TAB-3185] - FeedbackForSits not cleared after functional tests
  • [TAB-3193] - Now that marks can be adjusted, need to write *adjusted* mark to SITS
  • [TAB-3206] - Editing feedback and saving it creates multiple labels
  • [TAB-3207] - Moderated submissions showing incorrect 'Next action'
  • [TAB-3208] - Marked submissions showing inconsistent 'Next action' text
  • [TAB-3211] - Unable to send blank feedback to markers as admin


  • [TAB-2512] - Automatically dismiss or modify notifications that no longer require action
  • [TAB-3174] - Show mark adjustments in the summary and list views