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Tabula 98 (Californium) - Friday 6th February 2015

Tabula 98 (Californium) was released on Friday 6th February 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • An audit view of feedback is available that shows all marker feedback and adjustments for a student in one place.
  • Adjustments can be made to marks even when no marking workflow exists and both before and after publishing feedback.
  • When making adjustments to apply a late penalty the new mark is automatically calculated and suggested to you.
  • The marking workflow table now shows the first markers name and mark to moderators. A bulk approve function has been added.
  • Students will see the reasons for any adjustments that apply to their feedback and will also see their pre-adjustment mark and grade.
  • Marking workflow lists will show any students that haven't been released for marking or haven't submitted.
  • Staff can now view other staff members' profiles.
  • Various bug fixes.

Technical release notes:



  • [TAB-3178] - Tutor unable to view tutees' feedback
  • [TAB-3210] - Mark button not present on Coursework homepage
  • [TAB-3213] - Freemarker error on permissions helper
  • [TAB-3215] - No checkbox for limbo period option in filter
  • [TAB-3228] - Tutor unable to view tutee's feedback as pdf
  • [TAB-3231] - Edit icon should not be enabled for a deleted meeting
  • [TAB-3232] - Introductory text ignoring 'Don't show me this again' checkbox
  • [TAB-3234] - Exception deleting feedback
  • [TAB-3235] - Freemarker exception on group register
  • [TAB-3237] - Search doesn't include students taking modules in your dept's sub-departments
  • [TAB-3239] - Spreadsheet download of assignment table should include adjustments
  • [TAB-3241] - Feedback reminder sent for extensions even when the student failed to submit
  • [TAB-3242] - Submissions do not have a mark displayed in error
  • [TAB-3254] - Module managers can see the 'Add marks' link


  • [TAB-3187] - Allow adjustments to be made when no marking workflow exists
  • [TAB-3216] - Allow adjustments to be made post publish
  • [TAB-3217] - Auto suggest a late penalty when making adjustments
  • [TAB-3218] - Add marks and first marker name to moderation workflow table
  • [TAB-3240] - Show unsubmitted / uncompleted students in the marker view
  • [TAB-3257] - Show penalty marks and comments to students

New Feature

  • [TAB-2763] - Allow staff members to view other staff members' profiles