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Changes to Warwick Search

Based on research we conducted with staff and students in 2016, we're changing the way we display results in Warwick Search. We hope that this will improve performance, and increase the quality and relevance of web search results.

We're iterating and refining, so expect further improvements early in 2017, as well as further integration with other ITS systems.

What are the main changes?

  • Search has an updated appearance in line with Warwick's new brand, using a layout and typography that's more consistent with our main website.
  • We've substantially improved the user experience when searching on a mobile device.
  • You no longer need to select the kind of results you'd like to see – results from different sources display on a single page. We've also made search smarter so the most relevant items display first.
  • You can now search for any location on campus. If there's a single match (a room or building name), an image of the location on the campus map displays alongside the result.
  • If your choice of words suggests the sort of result you're looking for, we recognise that. For example, if you search for who is Joe Bloggs, People Search results appear first. If you search for where physics, the map result displays first.
  • When a Go address is an exact match for your query, it always displays first in search results.
  • When you're signed in, you see quick links in Warwick Search based on who you are and your search history. We hope you find them useful.

We've removed some things

  • Since we now show the most relevant results first, there are no controls to manually change the order of results, or to refine searches by date or file type.
  • We always display a short summary of each result rather than making this optional. (In practice, nobody ever turned search summaries off.)

We welcome feedback on any suggestions or problems – please send these to webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk.


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