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Receive notifications when a page changes

You can receive email notifications when other people with contributor, edit or admin permissions edit your page. Also, if you're particularly interested in any page, you can subscribe to email notifications when the page changes. For example, you may be a student who wants to know when new lecture notes are added to a module page.

Note: you only receive notifications about changes made by other people – not changes you make yourself.

  1. Go the page that you want to receive notifications about.
  2. Select the Notify link at the top right.
  3. On the Notification Setup page, enter your email address:

    Notification setup screen

  4. Under Notify me, select the checkbox when the page changes.
  5. Choose the appropriate radio button to receive a notification for only changes made to the page's text or any change made to the page. (The second option includes changes to properties and permissions.)
  6. For pages set to allow comments, choose whether or not you wish to receive notifications when someone adds a comment to this page or to this page and any sub-pages.
  7. When you've made your choices, select the Save notification button. When the page changes, you receive an email notifying you of who made the change, and a link to compare previous and current versions of the page.

Note: You won't receive more than one notification email per hour except for comments.

Tip: To track changes for a whole site, as opposed to a single page, create a list of site changes and subscribe to the RSS feed for that list.

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