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Edit content blocks in ID7 page layouts

This page describes how to edit ‘content blocks’ – the discrete containers of editable content in ID7 page layouts.
  1. Go to your home page (or the page on your site where you wish to edit content blocks).
  2. Select the Edit content blocks button – typically at the top left of the blocks on your page layout. (If this button is not visible, contact the page owner for edit permissions):

    Edit content blocks button highlighted on example home page

  3. Select the Edit button at the bottom right of the block you wish to edit:

    Edit button highlighted at bottom right of content block

  4. Leave the Title field as it is; this is used in the parent page layout and should not be changed.
  5. Skip the Link field.
  6. Edit your text (images, video or other content) in the Content field.
  7. Leave the Metadata field empty and skip the date fields.

    Edit content block

  8. When you have finished editing your content, select the Save changes button.
  9. You're prompted to confirm the changes; SiteBuilder doesn't save history for content blocks and overwriting previous content can't be undone. Select the Save button in the Overwrite permanently? window.
  10. Return to your home page (or the parent page above the content blocks) to see your edited content.


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