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Calendar filter

Use the calendar filter page template to show a subset of events from another calendar – for example, only those events with particular tags.
  1. Go to the parent page above the location where you want to create the calendar filter.
  2. Go to Edit > Create a new page.
  3. Under Change page template, select Change and choose Calendar filter.
  4. In the Calendar URL box, enter the URL of the calendar you want to retrieve events from – omit the part of the URL e.g.:


    Alternatively, click the page picker button and navigate to the source calendar.

  5. In the Tags to show box, type the tags of events you wish to show separated by commas. Alternatively, click the tags picker and select the relevant tags.

    Tip: when the source calendar has many tags and you want to show most (but not all) events in the calendar filter, it's quicker to specify the tags you do not want to show and then choose Hide filtered tags in the following step.
  6. Choose an option from the Tag list menu to specify whether to show or hide the tags you specified in the previous step.
  7. Choose the Default view.
  8. To only show events that lie within a particular date range, select Filter calendar items by date, then enter the start and end dates.
  9. Complete the remaining page properties, as for a blank page template.
  10. Click Create new page.
  11. Select Done to view the page.

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