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How do I use the Files tab?

You can use the Files Toolbar to:

  • Upload and download files;
  • Arrange files by name, file type, size, permissions, and date uploaded;
  • Move, Copy, Delete and Edit the properties of file(s)
  • Re-order files by dragging and dropping them into the required order;
  • Manage permissions on individual files.

1. To view the Files Toolbar, browse to the page of your site where the files you wish to view are uploaded and click the Edit link.

2. Click on the Files tab.

You will then see the files toolbar:


3. Select a file to work with by highlighting it, or select a series of files by holding the 'Ctrl' key while clicking multiple files. When the file is highlighted, you can then select the operation from the toolbar menu, or by clicking on the arrow at the beginning of the row which will list all the appropriate actions that you can do that file.


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