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How do I rename a file?

The name of an uploaded file forms the last part of the file url (e.g. if you upload a file named 'speakers.pdf' to the web address the url of the uploaded file will be ). You may wish to rename a file once you have uploaded it. You need to have Edit permissions in order to rename a file.

  1. Browse to the page of your site where the file is uploaded and click the Edit link.
  2. Click on the Files tab.

    The Files Toolbar screen will be shown:

  3. You will see a list of all the files currently uploaded to the page. Select the file that you wish to edit and click on the Rename icon, or click on the arrow at the beginning of the line and select 'rename'.
  4. Delete the old file name and type the new name into the new URL text box. You do not need to type the file extension (.doc, .pdf, .jpg etc). The file name should not contain any characters other than lower-case letters, numbers and an underscore ( _ ) for separating words if required.
  5. You also have the option forwarding the old address to the new file name. This means that users who visit the old address, or have it bookmarked, will be automatically forwarded to the new location. For more information on forwarding addresses and redirect pages, see: what is a forwarding page and how can I create one?

    If you wish to forward the old address to the new one, tick the 'Forward requests for the old address on to the new address' checkbox.
  6. If you wish to change whether the file is shown in search results, choose an option from the 'Allow search engines' drop down menu. For more information on search engines, see: how do search engines find my pages?
  7. If you want to remove all view permissions from the file, choose 'Remove View permissions from renamed file' from the 'Permissions' drop down menu. For more information on permissions, see: editing page permissions
  8. Click the 'Rename File' button.
  9. Click Done.
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