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Formatting text and adding pop-up information to form questions

You can format the text in a Form by using Textile, which easily converts characters or sentences into HTML without having to know the full HTML code.

You can apply simple formatting to the text of your questions, the text within the questions (eg. the choices in a multiple choice question), and to the feedback you give for a right or wrong answer (in QuizBuilder).

To format your text, you can do any of the following:-

If you type this… It will appear as this…
this is *really* important this is really important
I think _Moby Dick_ is a great book I think Moby Dick is a great book
I'm away on the 23^rd^ June I'm away on the 23rd June
Water is also known as H~2~0 Water is also known as H20
I'm away on -Monday- Tuesday I'm away on Monday Tuesday
This is the "Google": home page This is the Google home page
Explaining acronyms:

REM(Rapid eye movement) signifies deep sleep

Explaining acronyms

REM signifies deep sleep

Surround a @section of text@ with code tags Surround a section of text with code tags
Some single characters can be escaped by prefixing a single backslash character:






Some single characters can be escaped by prefixing a single backslash character:






To make a line or paragraph of text as a header h1. Your text here (you can use HTML headings H1 to H6 in this format)

Additional text features

How do I add a pop-up box with additional information?

Include a pop-up box with further information or definition within your page to give further assistance to the user of the form. This will generate a new window with the detail.

  1. Select Edit > Edit formsbuilder page or Edit this form from the bottom of the form. A list of edit options will appear on the left hand side of the form.
  2. Add a new question to the form or edit a pre-existing question.
  3. Once in the edit screen, type in the Label or instructions field an opening pop-up tag like this: [popup Insert the link text here that people will select to get further information] Then add all the information that you wish to put in the definition here, including all links and textile mark-up etc. Finally include a closing tag like this at the end [/popup].

    For example if you wished to get some feedback about some courses or modules, you could type something like:

    Please let us have your feedback on the modules [popup Further information]You can be as honest as you like here as this will inform our choices for next year's modules[/popup] in the Label field, which when published will look like this on the form:

    Forms - Additional pop-up information