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How do I pin a topic to the top of a forum?

Sometimes it's useful to pin an important topic above all other topics in a forum to make the topic obvious. Pinning (or making a topic sticky) ensures that it remains at the top of the forum even when people post new topics in the future. You need Moderate topics, Edit or Admin permissions for the forum page in order to pin topics.

  1. Go to the forum top-level page (the list of topics).
  2. Hover over the topic you wish to pin and select the Properties button:

    Edit topic properties button highlighted

  3. You can now see the Editing an existing topic page. Select the Pin this topic above all others checkbox and then select Save changes:

    Editing an existing topic screen

  4. Your topic is now pinned above all others and is denoted by a pin icon to the right of the topic title. Note that if you pin more than one topic, the pinned topics are ordered by most recent activity.

    List of topics with pinned topic at the top

How to unpin a topic

You can unpin a topic by following the instructions above and unselecting the Pin this topic above all others checkbox.


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