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Check if a Go redirect already exists

  1. Go to and select the Go.Warwick tab.
  2. Enter a keyword in List all redirects containing. For example, to check if a Go redirect exists for the Department of Philosophy, enter philosophy:

    List all redirects

  3. You can refine your search using the checkboxes:
    • Redirect names – search all Go redirect names containing your search term; for example film-philosophy
    • Redirect descriptions – search all Go redirect descriptions containing your search term; for example, the description of the Go redirect crpl is Centre for Research in Philosophy & Literature
    • Redirect target URLs – search all web addresses (URLs) containing your search term; for example encfp redirects to:
    • Only show results that start with these letters – search all Go redirect names, descriptions or target URLs to find results that start with your term; for example, searching for phil with Redirect target URLs and Redirect names selected returns the results philosophy and philgradseminar but not libraryphilosophy
  4. Select Search redirects. The results show the Go redirect, owner, target URL, description and visibility in Go.Suggest:

    List all redirects results

  5. To download the results, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Download these results as CSV. You can open a .csv file with any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.

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