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News filter page template

Use the news filter page template to show a subset of news items with particular tags – for example, stories tagged ‘Research’. To use the news filter page template, ensure you already have a news page elsewhere on your site – a central repository where you publish all news items.
  1. Go to the parent page under which you want to add the news filter page.
  2. Select Edit > Create a new page.
  3. In the Change page template section, select Change and choose the News filter page template.
  4. In the News URL box, enter the web address of the news page you wish to pull stories from. Alternatively, select magnifying glass to open the page picker and browse to the relevant page.
  5. In the Tags to show box, select tags icon to reveal a pop-up. It contains all of the tags currently used in the page you specified in the previous step.
  6. Select the relevant tags to include. Only news items with the tags you select appear in the news filter page template. Alternatively, type a comma-separated list of tags – for example:

    Alumni, Postgraduates, Publications, Research, Undergraduates
  7. For a tag that contains a comma, ensure you escape the comma with a backslash:

    Philosophy\, Politics and Economics
  8. In Number of recent items, enter the number of news stories to show in your news filter page.
  9. Complete the rest of the page properties.
  10. Select Create new page.

Note: A news filter page will honour the display format selected at its source news page - for example, if the news page is using a tile format then the news filter page will display in tile format too.

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