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How do I change the page description?

The page description property should describe the content of your page in a maximum of 160 characters. This property may be used by search engines when indexing your page. Although it's not a Google ranking factor, a clear, compelling description can encourage people to click through from search results.

Note that search engines:

  • embolden keywords in the description that match the user's search query, so try to include important keywords in your description
  • do not always show your description – instead, they show a snippet from your page content
  • show a snippet from your page content when the description property is empty

To add or edit the page description:

  1. Go to Edit > Edit page properties.
  2. Under the Change page properties section, enter or edit the description in the Description text box:

    Page description property

  3. Select the Save changes button.
  4. The description is now added to your page's meta description tag – for example:

    <meta name="description" content="Booking form for students and staff to schedule screenings in the School of Architecture's AV room, Humanities Building.">

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