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How do I change the appearance of a resource bookings page?

This page covers how to change the default view of the resource bookings page (current day, 4-day or week) and specify the settings to control when people can book resources.

  1. Browse to your bookings page.
  2. Select Manage resources > Settings:

    Manage resources menu

  3. The options in the Calendar view box at the top left of the screen control how the bookings calendar displays:

    Calendar view settings

  4. First, choose how your calendar appears by default when the page loads. Choose an option from the Default view drop-down menu:

    • Day view – bookings for all resources on the selected day
    • 4-day view – bookings for a single resource during the next four days; each resource displays as a tab above the calendar
    • Week view – bookings for a single resource during the selected week; each resource displays as a tab above the calendar
  5. Choose whether to Show weekends or not. This checkbox only applies to the Week view.
  6. Choose whether to Allow users to change layout or not. Select the checkbox to enable visitors to change the layout to day view, 4-day view or week view themselves.
  7. If you selected Week in step four, you have the option to show term weeks alongside dates in the calendar. Choose an option from the Term week number display (week view) drop-down menu: term week numbers; cumulative term week numbers; or academic week numbers.
  8. Specify the From and To times between which visitors can book resources. For example, resources may only be available in the morning, afternoon or during office hours. The end time is not inclusive, so visitors cannot start a booking at the To time e.g. at 5pm.

    Tip: You can specify periods of unavailability within From and To times via Manage resources > Add period of unavailability.

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