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What do the page borders look like?

The page borders – the areas at the left and right of the centred zone – are designed per site. The left and right border images are 375 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. Note that on displays wider than 1920px or taller than 1200px, border images will scale (so they do not need to fade to a solid colour or tile).

The borders can contain photography, colour or abstract imagery – but should not distract attention from the page content itself. Border imagery can also be reused as the masthead's background image. This will show through the transparent utility bar and the window device.

In ID7, we don't use drop shadows or lines to separate page content from page borders, so instead, to provide that separation, border images should use a background colour other than white.

Example 1: photography containing movement with motion blur

Page borders containing movement and motion blur

Example 2: photography with heavy motion blur

Page borders with heavy blur

Example 3: abstract pattern

Example of green and blue abstract patterns

Example 4: abstract pattern

Example of page borders with orange abstract pattern

Brand guidelines

Guidance from the Engagement Group on the University brand, tone of voice and writing in the Warwick house style.