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What happens to box styles?

Box styles – used to group similar content or to highlight information – are available in the ID7 common website template. You can apply up to four different box styles via SiteBuilder's visual editor:

Example of box styles in ID7

If you have used box styles in pages with the ID6 template, these will remain when we apply the ID7 template. However, the fill or border colours may change to tie in with your site's new look and feel. The colours will be derived from the imagery in your new site's page borders and masthead.

You'll get to see what the box styles look like on a test version of your site before it goes live. If there are problems with the box styles – for example, low contrast between the text and background colour – we'll work with you to fix these problems before going live.

Brand guidelines

Guidance from the Engagement Group on the University brand, tone of voice and writing in the Warwick house style.