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How does ID7 work on small-screen devices?

We use responsive design techniques to ensure that websites display optimally when viewed at different screen sizes, regardless of the device being used.

On large screens, the centred zone containing the page content is 1,170 pixels wide. Images are displayed in the page borders at the left and right sides of the page content. For example:

Example page on a large screen

The width of the centred zone expands and contracts responsively (to a maximum width of 1,170 pixels) according to the width of your screen. For example, on tablets the centred zone width contracts and only a small portion of the page borders are displayed:

Research page viewed on iPad

On smaller screens, the navigation interface changes. Also, content at the right-hand side of your page appears at the bottom of the page:

Research page displayed on iPhone

Brand guidelines

Guidance from the Engagement Group on the University brand, tone of voice and writing in the Warwick house style.