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Can I have a banner or slideshow on my homepage?

Yes – you can.

Choose an appropriate layout containing a banner or slideshow from our homepage layouts gallery when requesting your site be updated to ID7. You can remove or add rows of content to get something that fits your requirements.

When you choose a layout including a slideshow, you’ll need to either supply images or ask us to source images for you (which will incur a charge). If you don’t have any images you can send to us as attachments, you can also provide links to suggested images so that we can have a fuller understanding of your imagery requirements.

We're unable to provide high-resolution stock images to accompany your site design unless you specifically request them at the start of the project. This is a chargeable service. Stock images will be available up to six months after the end of your project.

Refer to the brand guidelines for guidance on the kind of imagery you can use in your site. We will provide generic Warwick slides if you don’t have any specific requirements.

You should only choose a layout with a slideshow if you require several slides and can supply or source images for it. Please feel free to ask about this when you choose a new homepage layout during your transfer to ID7.

Brand guidelines

Guidance from the Engagement Group on the University brand, tone of voice and writing in the Warwick house style.