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Upload a file

You can upload files to any SiteBuilder page where you have at least edit or contributor permissions.

  1. Browse to the page you want to upload files to.

  2. Select Edit > Upload a file:

    The SiteBuilder 'Edit' menu, with the 'Upload a file' option highlighted

    Alternatively, select Edit > More, go to the Files tab, then select Upload:

    The SiteBuilder 'Files' tab, with the 'Upload' button highlighted

  3. On the Upload a file screen, select Choose files and attach the file from your computer:

    The 'Upload files' screen in SiteBuilder, with the 'Choose files' button highlighted

    Note: You can upload multiple files at once by holding Ctrl/Cmd and selecting the files you require. There is a 25-character limit on the file name length, which includes the file name extension.

  4. The Short title, Warwick Search, Description and Keywords fields are optional – for more information on these options select the help icon next to each field label.

  5. When you've finished editing the fields, select Upload.

    Note: when you upload a video, you may be prompted to convert the video to a more appropriate format for the web. We recommend you use H.264 MP4 because it's compatible with the majority of devices.

  6. If there are already any files with the same name as one you're trying to upload:

    • When uploading a single file:

      1. SiteBuilder asks you to confirm whether you want to overwrite the existing file:

        The SiteBuilder 'Overwrite confirmation' screen

      2. Select the checkbox to Keep the properties of the existing file, including permissions, or deselect it to upload the new file with the same permissions as the parent page.

      3. Select Overwrite to use the new file, or Cancel to keep the old one.

    • If you're uploading multiple files:

      1. SiteBuilder displays a list of all the files you're uploading, with an alert icon to indicate if a file already exists with the same name:

        The SiteBuilder 'Uploading multiple files' screen

      2. Use the checkboxes to choose which files in the list to upload.

      3. Select Upload files to replace the selected files, or Cancel to keep the existing ones.

  7. You are returned to your page (or the Files tab, if you selected Edit > More in the first step).

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