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Check if a Go redirect already exists

Before requesting a Go redirect, check that the name you want is available, and that a redirect doesn't already exist for the target page.

  1. Go to and select the Go.Warwick tab:

  2. Enter a keyword in the List all redirects containing box:

    For example, to check if a Go redirect exists for the Department of Philosophy, enter philosophy.

  3. You can refine your search using the checkboxes:

    • Redirect names: Search for Go redirects whose names contain your search term, for example film-philosophy.

    • Redirect descriptions: Search for Go redirects with descriptions that contain your search term. For example, the description of the Go redirect crpl is Centre for Research in Philosophy & Literature.

    • Redirect target URLs:Look for redirects that point to addresses containing the search term. For example, encfp redirects to:
    • Only show results that start with these letters – search all Go redirect names, descriptions or target URLs to find results that start with your term; for example, searching for phil with Redirect target URLs and Redirect names selected returns the results philosophy and philgradseminar but not libraryphilosophy

  4. Select Search redirects.

  5. SiteBuilder displays a list showing matching Redirects, their owner, target URL & description, and visibility in Go.Suggest:

  6. To download the results, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Download these results as CSV. You can open a .csv file with any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.

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