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Request a Go redirect

Go.Warwick is the University's service to shorten long web addresses (URLs) to create short, memorable URLs, known as Go redirects. Once you have a Go redirect, you can cite it as

Note: To use Go.Warwick, you must be a member of staff, and your website must:

Requests for clarification on this policy should be directed to

In this article:

Tips for a Go redirect request approval

After you request a Go redirect, we review its suitability and the target web page. To help with a speedy approval, ensure that:

  • The redirect does not already exist.
  • The target address is a web page, not a file.
  • The target page is available and gives a good impression of what the page or website is about.
  • The target page's view permissions are open to anyone, whether signed in or not.
  • The target page meets accessibility requirements.
  • The requested Go redirect is unique to your page or website – for example, we're less likely to approve than

Request a Go redirect

  1. Go to

  2. Select the Create new redirect tab:

    The 'Create new redirect' tab

  3. In Path for the Go redirect, enter the name of the redirect you want. The name must be one word and only contain lower-case letters, numbers, hyphens or underscores - for example:


    Go redirects should not be too general or ambiguous. For example, we're unlikely to approve requests such as /video for a course or department, because it would appear to be a general University video service. However, a request such as /physicsvideo or /electronvideo is probably fine.

  4. In the Description box, enter a short summary of the page you're redirecting to – for example:

    Research group in post-Kantian European philosophy
  5. To redirect to another page on the University website, select A SiteBuilder page, then enter the URL of the target page – for example:

    Note: to aid a speedy approval, ensure that:

    • The redirect does not already exist.

    • The target is a web page, not a file.

    • The target page exists.

    • The target page's view permissions are public.

  6. To redirect to a webpage outside of the Warwick site, select A non-SiteBuilder web page, then enter the URL of the target page.

  7. When visitors start typing a word in the search box at the top right of any page of the Warwick website, suggestions appear automatically:

    Warwick Search suggestions

    If you want to include your Go redirect in these suggestions, select the Visible in Go.Suggest box checkbox.

  8. Select Request new redirect. Your request is sent to the IDG Web Team to ensure it meets all the relevant criteria. Once this process is completed, you receive an email to tell you whether or not the request is successful, which can take a few days.

    Note: All Go redirects must be approved before they become live. Wait until we have notified you of a Go redirect approval before quoting the Go redirect in any printed material.

  9. After your request is approved, you can manage your redirects on the My redirects tab at

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