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Create a calendar filter page

Use the calendar filter page template to show a subset of events from another calendar, filtered by one or more tags:

  1. Browse to the page under which you want to create the calendar filter page.

  2. Go to Edit > Create a new page:

    The SiteBuilder 'Edit' menu, with the option to 'Create a new page' highlighted

  3. Under Change page template, select Change then choose Calendar filter:

    The 'Create new page' screen, with the option to create a Calendar filter page highlighted

  4. The template options apppear:

    The Calendar filter page template options

  5. In the Calendar URL box, enter the URL of the calendar to retrieve events from, omitting the part of the URL. For example:


    Alternatively, select the find a page button and navigate to the source calendar.

  6. In the Tags to show box, type the tags of events you wish to filter for, separated by commas:

    Conferences, Postgraduate, Research seminars

    Tip: If one of your tags includes a comma, ensure you escape the comma with a backslash (\):

    Philosophy\, Politics and Economics

    Alternatively, select the choose tags button and select the relevant tags.

  7. Select an option from the Tag list drop-down to specify which events display on the page:

    • Show all tags: All tags on the source Calendar page will be displayed at the top of the Calendar filter page.

    • Show filtered tags: Only the tags specified in the Tags to show box above will be displayed at the top of the Calendar filter page.

    • Hide filtered tags: The tags specified in the Tags to show box will not be displayed at the top of the Calendar filter page.

  8. Optionally, select Hide tags with no upcoming events to have the page display only tags which have future events associated.

  9. Choose an option from the Default view drop-down list to determine how the page will initially appear to visitors. In most cases, visitors can choose a different view if they wish. The only exception to this is the Tiles option, which displays events as tiles with thumbnails. This view is set in the page properties, and cannot be selected or changed by visitors to the page.

  10. To show only events within a particular date range, select the Filter calendar items by date checkbox, then enter the start and end dates.

  11. Enter the remaining page properties, as for a blank page template.

  12. Select Create new page.

  13. Follow the link in the confirmation to view the new page, or select Return to edit section to go back to the SiteBuilder Editing screen for the parent page.

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