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Edit an existing calendar event

You can edit existing calendar events to change the description, update the location, or add or remove recurrence.

  1. Browse to your calendar page and locate the event you want to edit.

    • In 4 Days, Week, 4 Weeks, Month or Term view, select the event summary in the calendar, then select the Edit button:

      A selected event summary in Month view, with the button to edit the event highlighted

    • In Day or Agenda view, select Edit item beneath the event:

      An event summary in Agenda view, with the option to edit the event highlighted

    • In Tiles view, select the Edit button at the bottom of the event tile:

      An event summary in Tile view, with the 'Edit' button highlighted

  2. Change the event details as necessary.

    Note: By default, repeating events are a linked series, meaning that any change to one event in the series is applied to all events in the series. To edit the details of a single event within a series, see our article on recurring events.

  3. When you've finished, select Save changes.

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