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Create a new calendar event

There are two ways to add a new event to your calendar page:

Create an event

  1. Go to your calendar page where you want to add an event.

    • In a standard calendar view (for example, 4 Weeks or Month), select Add at the top of the page, or hover over the date you want to add the event and select the Create a new event button:

      A calendar page in Month view, with the buttons to create a new event highlighted

    • If the page is set to Tiles view, select the Create event button at the top of the page:

      A calendar page in Tile view, with the 'Create event' button highlighted

  2. The new event screen appears:

    The screen to create a new calendar event

  3. Enter the Title of the event.

  4. In Tiles view, you also have the option to add an Image to display alongside the event. Select the Choose file button to locate an image on your computer to upload:

    The screen to create a new calendar event in Tiles view, with the 'Choose file' button for uploading a thumbnail image highlighted

    Note: Images should be no smaller than 100 pixels and no larger than 1,170 pixels in any dimension. Images will look best if they are in landscape orientation with key content in the center of the image. If no image is provided, a default image of the Warwick flags will be displayed.

  5. In the Notes box, enter a brief summary of the event.

  6. Optionally, use the Detail section to provide a longer description:

    • If you already have a page describing the event (say, an agenda with speaker biographies), select Use a pre-existing web page for this item's detail and enter the address of the target page in the URL box.

    • If you want to enter a longer description now, select Create the detail for this item now and type the description in the Detail box.

  7. Enter the venue in the Location box, for example a room number for events on campus.

  8. Use the date pickers to specify the Start date and End date of the event. You can also select a time in each picker, or select the All-day event? checkbox for events that span a full day or several days.

  9. If you're creating a recurring event, choose an option from the Repeats drop-down menu. An event can be set to recur Daily, Every weekday (Mon-Fri), Weekly, Monthly or Annually. You can also change how frequently an event recurs using the Repeats every drop-down menu, and select an option from the Until date picker to specify a date when the event will stop recurring.

    Note: by default, recurring events are a linked series, meaning that any changes to the event are applied to all events in the series. If necessary, you can unlink a series to edit individual events – for example, to change the guest speaker name or topic at a monthly research seminar. After you unlink events from a series, it's not possible to re-link them.

  10. Optionally, add or select the apropriate Tags to categorise your event.

  11. Select Save to add the event to your calendar.

Create an event via quick add

Note: This feature is not available if the page is set to Tiles view.

  1. Go to the Add box at the top left of the calendar:

    The 'Add' box on a calendar page

  2. Enter the details of the event, which appear in a pop-up as you type. To add an event with a title, date, start and end times, and location, use the following format:

    [Title] [Date] [Start time] to [End time] in [Location]

    For example:

    Leading Directors of French Cinema 03/12/2018 18:00 to 19:00 in H1.01

    The popup showing details for an event being created using quick add

    Note: the date format must be dd/mm/yyyy – for example, 3 July 2023 is 03/07/2023

  3. Select Add or press Enter/Return. The event is now published on the calendar. To make changes or add more detail, select Edit item.

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