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Recurring calendar events

When you create or edit an event, you can make it repeat during a particular period. By default, repeating events are a linked series; changes to the event apply to all events in the series. To edit the details of a single event within that series – for example, to change the guest speaker name or topic at a monthly seminar – unlink the series first. When you unlink events from a series, it's not possible to re-link them.

In this article:

Add a recurring event

  1. Go to your calendar page.

  2. Create a new event or edit an existing event.

  3. Select an option from the Repeats drop-down menu:

    The 'Repeats' section of the event creation screen, with the event set to repeat weekly on Wednesdays until 7 July 2023

    An event can be set to recur Daily, Every weekday (Mon-Fri), Weekly, Monthly or Annually. You can also change how frequently an event recurs using the Repeats every drop-down menu, and select an option from the Until date picker to specify a date when the event will stop recurring.

  4. Select Create event if it's a new event, or Save changes if you're editing an existing event.

Edit recurring events separately

  1. Go to your calendar page.
  2. Click the summary of a recurring event you wish to edit. In the pop-up window, select the button. If your calendar has Day view or Agenda view, select Unlink item beneath the event.

    A recurring event selected in the calendar, with the 'Unlink' button highlighted

    Note: It's not currently possible to manually unlink events while a calendar is in Tiles view.

  3. The Unlink events warning appears. Once you unlink repeating events, you cannot re-link them; they are treated as separate events. To go ahead, select Unlink.
  4. You can now edit the event details.

Delete one occurrence of a recurring event

  1. Locate the summary of the recurring event you want to delete.

    • In 4 Days, Week, 4 Weeks, Month or Term view:

      1. Select the event summary in the calendar:

        A selected event summary in Month view, with the button to delete the event highlighted

      2. Select the button.

    • In Day or Agenda view, select Delete item beneath the event:

      A calendar event in Agenda view, with the 'Delete item' option highlighted

    • In Tile view, select the Delete button at the bottom of the event tile:

      A calendar event in Tile view, with the 'Delete' option highlighted

  2. The Delete event pop-up appears:

    The 'Delete event' pop-up

    Select one of the following options:

    • Delete this occurrence: The selected event is deleted. All remaining instances of the recurring event are unlinked - changes to one ocurrence will no longer be reflected in the other instances.

    • Delete the series: Every instance of the recurring event is deleted.

  3. To confirm your choice, select Delete.

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