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Remove permissions from a SiteBuilder page

This article explains how to remove permissions from pages in SiteBuilder. See our separate article on how to change permissions for files.

Note: To add permissions for other users to view or edit a page, you need to have admin permissions for that page.

  1. Browse to the page you want to remove permissions from.

    Tip: To remove permissions from an entire site or section, navigate to the home page or topmost page of the section.

  2. Go to Edit > Edit page permissions:

    The SiteBuilder 'Edit' menu, with the 'Edit permissions' option highlighted
  3. The Edit permissions screen shows the Current permissions:

    The 'Edit permissions' screen

  4. In the Current permissions section, select the appropriate button to remove permissions:

    • Remove permission from page: Remove permission from the current page

    • Remove permission from page & sub-pages: Remove permission from the current page and all pages below

  5. In the confirmation pop-up that appears, select Save changes:

    The confirmation pop-up for removing permissions

  6. When you have finished editing the page's permissions, select Done.

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