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Request permissions on someone else's page or site

Authority to grant permission to view/edit a particular web page rests with:

  • The Page contact shown at the bottom left of the page
  • Departmental Administrators
  • Heads of Department
  • Local IT staff

Note: IDG do not grant permission to edit another person's page or website – we refer you to the relevant owner of the website concerned.

In the first instance, contact the named person or team to request permission to edit the page:

  1. Select the Page contact link displayed at the bottom left of all pages:

    The 'Page contact' link in a SiteBuilder page footer

  2. Write your message in the contact form that appears:

    The 'Email page contact' form

  3. Select Send message.

In cases where the page contact is no longer at the University, or if you do not receive a reply, then you should contact the Departmental Administrator for the website concerned to request permission.

If you're unsure who that person is, or it's not clear from the website which parent department the website belongs to, please contact for support.