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Permission types

SiteBuilder has four main levels of permission to control who can view or edit pages and files in a website: view; contributor; edit; and admin. To assign or remove permissions, you must have admin permissions yourself. You can apply permissions to individual pages and files, sections of a site or an entire site.

In this article:

Main permission types

  View Contributor Edit Admin
View a page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Submit a form Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit page content No Yes Yes Yes
Upload files No Yes Yes Yes
Copy, rename or delete a page No No Yes Yes
Edit page properties No No Yes Yes
Create a new page beneath the current page No No Yes Yes
Modify a form No No Yes Yes
View form submissions No No Yes Yes
Delete form submissions No No Yes Yes
Edit private fields in form submissions No No Yes Yes
Add or remove permissions No No No Yes

Other permission types

Some page templates have their own types of permission:

Predefined permission groups

You can use the following predefined groups to add permissions in bulk:

  • Any user whether signed or not: Applies the selected permission to any visitor to the page.
  • Any University member
  • Staff and postgraduate research students
  • Staff only – excluding postgraduate research students 
  • Alumni
  • Applicants: Students applying to study at Warwick who have registered a University web account
  • STUDENT: All undergraduate and taught postgraduate students
  • STUDENTNOPGT: All undergraduate students
  • PGTAUGHT: All postgraduate taught students
  • PGRESEARCH: All postgraduate research students

Note: When you make a page available to Any user whether signed or not it becomes publicly visible and must comply with the accessibility guidelines. Use the Components Editor Accessibility pane to assist with this.

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