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Extra details in site maps

If you’re responsible for a large website, you’ll probably have found that keeping track of how big your site is getting and which bits are growing quickly can be challenging. To help people in this situation, we’ve slightly extended the information available if you create a Site Map page; previously, a site map just gave you a tree view of your whole site, and to find the sections with lots of content, you just had to click around the tree to look at every section and sub-section in turn.

We’ve added a new option for Site Maps, ‘Show extra details’. If you turn this on, each node of your site map tree will display a count of pages, files and MBs used beneath it, so you can quickly see which sections are the largest in your site. We've also made it easier to see the redirects you have within your site and where they point to, something that hasn't been very easy to spot until now. An example from our own site is shown below.

Site maps with extra info