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What's new in web tools 2012


John Dale, Deputy Director of IT Services introduced the session and gave an introductory talk about the different web publishing platforms from SiteBuilder, TeamBuilder, Moodle, Files and Blogs and how each of these technologies can be used.

There is a slideshow to help you guide through the process of choosing the most appropriate platform for your online content:

Next a short video was shown demonstrating the recent developments in SiteBuilder including:

  • New page templates that have replaced page types
  • New integrated SiteBuilder forums
  • Datasets (table-based and summary) in forms to allow you to produce reports from submission data.
  • Shorter and easier go addresses
  • Designing for mobile devices.

Next a short video about TeamBuilder or Sharepoint at Warwick, demonstrated how teams could work collaboratively using TeamSite and Document Workspace. The video also touched upon future developments and the introduction of SkyDrive Pro in Sharepoint.

Steve Brydges provided an update on how Moodle is starting to be rolled out throught the Academy Technology team at Warwick.

Introduction to Moodle (Powerpoint Presentation)

John then went on to speak about Tabula, a new large university system to support the administrative functions of student management. Tabula will include:

  • student profiles
  • personal tutoring
  • attendance records
  • coursework management
  • marks management
  • module evaluations

The first version will be released in December 2012 containing coursework management (already well developed over the last year) and student profiles, and further developments will quickly follow as determined by the Tabula Steering Group.

Amber Thomas introduced the newly formed Academic Technology team, formerly the elearning advisors, to help academics make the best use of technology in their teaching and research.

And finally there was a Q&A session on all the technologies.