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Teaching Machines

Teaching machines will remain on Windows XP until the Windows 7 migration of staff desktops is complete. This may impact some users of these machines, but unfortunately upgrading the desktop across campus to Windows 7 will inevitably impact someone detrimentally. For the duration of the Windows 7 rollout to staff and students:

  • Students and taught postgraduates - will NOT be able to login to a teaching machine.
  • Staff and research postgraduates already migrated to Windows 7 in their department -
  1. Will be able to login to the teaching machine. - A blank profile will be created and a new small H: drive designed only to hold the profile will be connected. A warning message will pop-up advising that this H: drive should not be used to store data.
  2. Should connect to their filestore using an alternative method such as MyFiles.
  3. Can use all the built in applications such as Office 2010.
  4. Can run the NAL and use the delivered applications.
  • Staff and research postgraduates who have not been migrated to Windows 7 in their department - there is no change to their use of a teaching machine.