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Kaspersky upgrade

IT Services will be upgrading Kaspersky Endpoint Security on selected managed Windows desktops over the coming weeks.


What needs to happen?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security, which protects our managed Windows desktops from viruses and other malware, needs to be upgraded to the latest version. Most managed Windows desktops have already been upgraded, either during the weekly maintenance window, or by having been recently re-imaged. If your computer is one of about 1000 which have missed this important upgrade, a "catch-up" upgrade will run some time after 1st February 2018. Note that this affects both desktops and laptops.

What will I see during the upgrade?

The upgrade runs automatically and transparently, so it will happen in the background and you won't see anything until it completes. At this point you will see a pop-up window (see below) that will ask you to restart your computer. When you see this notification PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK AND RE-START YOUR WORKSTATION ASAP.

KES 10 SP2 MR1 Reboot Warning

Why is a restart important?

Restarting your computer completes the upgrade. Until you do this your computer is vulnerable to attacks from viruses and malware.

Can I delay restarting the computer?

We strongly advise that you restart your computer as soon as you can. You may delay re-starting your workstation for up to 90 minutes, after which it will automatically RE-START. This delay is NOT intended to allow you to keep working for 90 minutes..... it is intended to allow you time to save your work before you restart. This should hopefully provide staff with enough time to save their work even if they have left their desk for a period of time.

Can I get rid of the notification. It's annoying!

It's meant to be! Clicking “postpone” at any time will clear the notification for 5 minutes, but it will recur every 5 minutes until the computer is restarted and it does NOT stop the 90 minute countdown.

What if I haven't restarted my computer for a while and it seems to be taking ages to restart?

If you don't restart your computer regularly it may appear to hang when it restarts following the Kaspersky update. This is because there are likely to be other updates that have been waiting for a restart to install and the computer will be busy doing those. There is no way to gauge how long you might need to wait, but if it has been more than say 15 minutes ring the Helpdesk on 73737.

NB. We strongly recommend that computers are restarted regularly. With a minimum of once a week.

What If I don't see the upgrade?

Most computers have already been upgraded and will therefore not be affected. If you are unsure you can click the 'show hidden icons' arrow on the taskbar taskbararrow and then right-click the red 'K' icon for Kaspersky kasperskyicon and select 'About'. If it says 'Version: AES256 (mr1)' you do NOT need an update. If you are unsure contact the Helpdesk on 73737.