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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Upgrade

From November 2019, we will upgrade Kaspersky Endpoint Security to the latest version (version 11) on all managed Windows desktop computers, one department at a time. This includes all managed staff desktop and laptop computers. Student work area computers and teaching computers will also be upgraded outside of normal working hours wherever possible.

What needs to happen?

It is essential that Kaspersky Endpoint Security is upgraded to the latest version to maintain protection against malware and other security threats.

What do I need to do?

The upgrade runs automatically and invisibly but requires the computer to be restarted to complete the process. At this point, you will see a pop-up notification similar to the one below. Please save your work and restart your computer as soon as possible.

KES 11 upgrade re-start notification

Why is a restart necessary?

Restarting your computer completes the upgrade. Until you do this your computer may be vulnerable to malware and other security threats. You can postpone the restart for 5 minutes at a time, up to a total of 90 minutes. If the computer has not been restarted within 90 minutes, it will restart automatically.

We strongly advise that you save your work and restart your computer immediately if you see a notification like the one above.

Following the restart, you may see a Windows system tray warning that the Kaspersky databases are out of date. The databases will update automatically within 30 minutes (and will not require a further restart).

What if my computer takes a long time to restart?

This can happen if your computer has not been restarted for some time and other updates must be installed alongside the Kaspersky one. There is no way to gauge how long this will take, but if it's been more than about 15 minutes, contact the help desk for advice.

We strongly recommend that computers are restarted regularly, ideally at least once a week.

What if I don't see a notification about the upgrade?

It may take up to 3 months before all the managed Windows Desktop Computers are upgraded. The process will be monitored closely and any managed Windows desktops that miss the upgrade for any reason (e.g. laptops kept off campus) will be upgraded separately in due course.

To check whether your computer has been upgraded:

  • Click the 'show hidden icons' arrow on the taskbar Windows task bar 'show hidden icons' arrow
  • Right-click the red Kaspersky icon Kaspersky icon
  • Select 'About' to view the version information, as shown below. If it says 'Version: AES256', your computer is running Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 and the upgrade has taken place.

    Kaspersky version information


For advice or support, please contact us:

Note: once your computer has been upgraded you will be prompted to restart it. You will have 90 minutes to do so, with prompts every 5 minutes, before it restarts automatically.