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Managed Windows 10 Desktop timeline

Support for Managed Windows 7 computers has ended ( January 14th 2020). From this date no-one can login to a Managed Windows 7 computer.

  • November 2013 - Last of the RMs
  • January 2014 - new PC framework (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Viglen Toshiba)
  • June 2017: Managed Windows 10 Desktop available as default on new computers, Managed Windows 7 Desktop available as option*
  • July/August 2017 (tbc): retrofit Managed Windows 10 Desktop on request to any non-RM computer that came from the supported ranges. **
  • January 2018: no more Managed Windows 7 Desktop on new computers: All new computers to beimaged with the Managed Windows 10 Desktop***
  • January 2019: no reimaging with the Managed Windows 7 Desktop: any reimage will be with the Managed Windows 10 Desktop ****
  • July/August 2019: forced migration of any remaining Managed Windows 7 Desktops onto Managed Windows 10 Desktop *****
  • January 2020: Microsoft ends support for Windows 7.

* We will will be advising staff that where people can opt for Managed Windows 7 Desktop that they’ll be obliged to have a reimage to Managed Windows 10 Desktop by sometime in late 2019, so they are made aware that it won't last for the four-year life of the computer.

**These will be post January 2014 purchases, so no old Toshibas will be migrated

***It is expected that from April 2018 there will be no more Skylake (6th generation processors) chips from Intel, and current information Kabylake (7th generation processors) only support Windows 10. If the stocks of Skylakes dry up more quickly than estimated it may mean no more Windows 7 on new computers.

**** This will also mean no more reimaging of RMs or older Toshibas which will be 5+ years old by then.

*****This will mean retirement with prejudice of any RMs and older Toshibas still running, as we won't be installing the Managed Windows 10 Desktop on them)