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Windows 10 Operating System upgrades

Background Information:

Microsoft provide security updates and fixes to your computer along with new features and in turn IT Services deploy them to you. These are essential to keep your computer safe and secure and working at its best. Updates are applied during the Thursday maintenance window, which is why we ask you to leave your computer switched on on a Thursday evening. Without the Thursday maintenance windows updates would apply in an ad-hoc fashion as Microsoft released them.

Windows 10 Operating System upgrades:

Approximately twice a year Microsoft issue a major update. This will consist of all of the previous security fixes and feature updates and a whole lot more. These updates are also essential to keep within the Microsoft support life-cycles. They will be applied during the Thursday night maintenance window and will also be made available for installation form the Software Center for any member of staff who would like to install them at a time of their choosing.


We are changing the way that the Windows 10 Operating System upgrades apply because the installations on computers running the older Windows 10 operating system are taking too long; we have been running the upgrades since 23 July 2018 and there are still several hundred computers to upgrade. Common sense meant that the upgrades were held back during the first few weeks of term, but it now seems reasonable to proceed.

Managed Windows 10 desktop computers will get the upgrade automatically from now on and it will be a mandatory installation. The upgrade will download in the background on any Managed Windows 10 desktop computer that has not already been upgraded and at the next login the upgrade will install. It should take about 15 minutes to complete, but could be longer on lower specified computers.

Please note: There is no option to delay this upgrade. Once downloaded it will install at the next login.