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Installing Office 2013

Note: Before you begin please close all Office 2010 programs, including Outlook. You can continue to use your email by using the webmail client if you need to, but be aware that at the end of the Office installation your computer will reboot. The installation may take up to 40 minutes.


To install Office 2013 on your computer please follow the instructions below, or to open them as a PDF which you can download and save click here.

1. Click marble and then ‘All Programs’ and find the Software Center in the list. Click to open it.

Software Center

2. When the following windows opens find Microsoft Office 2013 in the list of available software and tick the box to its left. then click 'Install selected' in the bottom right hand corner of the Software Center window.

Software Center -Offcie 2013

3. The installation will now begin with the removal of Office 2010. A restart will then take place followed by the installation of Office 2013.

Office installing

4. You can check the status of the installation in the Software Center.

Office install status

5. Once complete the computer will reboot.

Please note: In a very small number of cases the Office installer fails part way through, usually with a 'Task has failed' error. If you see this don't worry it is unlikely that anything has broken. Simply close the error message, go back to the Software Center and run the installer again. The Office 2013 installation should pick up where it left off and complete.