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Setting up your email account in Outlook 2013


If you are upgrading from Office 2010 you should not need to do anything. Outlook should pick up the settings from Outlook 2010 and simply work.


If your computer has been reimaged and youa re opening Outlook 2013 for the first time you will need to setup your email account

To do this follow the instructions below, or to open them as a PDF which you can download and save click here

1. When you first open Outlook 2013 you will be presented with the following screen. Click ‘Next’


2. You will then see this screen asking you to setup an email account. Click ‘Next’

Add an account

3. The following screen will open and should have your name and e-mail address already populated

Wrong account details

4. Change the email address to your, as shown below and enter the password you login to your computer with, then Click ‘Next’

Your account details

5. You will then see the following screen as Outlook connects to your account

Establishing a  connection

6. A successful setup is indicated by three green ticks as below. Once you see this click ‘Finish’

Setup Complete

Please do not be alarmed if nothing is visible in your Inbox or Calendar immediately

Once your email account is setup email and calendar data will cache to your computer

Please Note: If you do not get three green ticks it is likely that you have not entered your email address or password correctly in step 4. Go back and try again, but if the problem persists call the IT Services Helpdesk on 73737